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Daewoo Hydraulic Pump Repair
Daewoo Hydrostatic Pump Repair

We have a Daewoo Heavy Equipment and Excavator Hydrostatic Drive, Pumps and Motor repair program. Call (800-361-0028) or contact us by email at sales@hydrostatic-transmission.com for all your Daewoo Heavy Equipment needs.


Your machines and equipment can help make the world a better place. With help from Hydrostatic Pump Repair, we can rebuild your Daewoo hydrostatic pump or motor back to factory specifications. We can help with quick turn around time and fast shipping. Call us for all your Daewoo parts and questions. Phone: 800-361-0028.


Daewoo was the second largest conglomerate in South Korea after the Hyundai Group. There were about 20 divisions under the Daewoo Group, some of which survived as independent companies.

Hydraulic Pump Repair


Part #DescriptionUS PriceWeight
2401-6228Daewoo DH130 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,036.25162
2401-6228ADaewoo DH130-2 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,036.25162
2401-9113PDaewoo DH130W Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,036.25175
2401-9095Daewoo DH170 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,793.50275
2401-9034BDaewoo DH180LC/DH200LC/DH220LC Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,068.86285
2401-9084Daewoo DH220LC Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,793.50275
2401-9064EPDaewoo DH280LC Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,253.64352
6067U335BDaewoo DH320 Hydrostatic Travel Motor$3,619.58352
2401-9164Daewoo DH320LC Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,398.57352
2401-9236Daewoo S130-5 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,036.25162
2401-9095ADaewoo S170-III Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,793.50275
2401-9158ADaewoo S220LC-III Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,793.50275
2401-9261Daewoo S330-5 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,068.86352
2401-9165Daewoo S330-III & S400-III Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,398.57352
2401-9193APDaewoo S360-3 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,398.57352
2401-9281Daewoo S360-5 Hydrostatic Main Pump$5,398.57352

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